One of the challenges with delivering quality craft beer from a draught tower is oxidation. Beer is a living beverage that changes over time. The exposure of beer to oxygen during the dispensing process not only changes the flavor of the beer but also shortens its shelf life.

At Three Peaks we leverage a unique counter pressure filling system that first purges the vessel of oxygen and pressurizes the container with CO2 allowing the beer to flow smoothly from the keg-to-growler without foaming or exposing the beer to oxygen. Less foaming is less waste and less oxidation is better taste.

Beer from the tap is the freshest you can get but a draft system is not a sterile situation. Therefore, it is important to have properly maintained draft lines. Unfortunately not all bars keep their lines maintained, which can leave your draught polluted with unwelcome microbes. At Three Peaks we leverage a direct-draw dispensing system which reduces the line length from keg-to-tap thereby simplifying the cleaning process. Additionally, we employ Anti-Microbial Oxygen Barrier Tubing in our dispensing system to prevent diffusion of oxygen molecules into the beer and reduce the chances of contamination. This simplified dispensing system combined with counter-pressure filling techniques ensures our customers receive the freshest product possible exactly how the brewer intended it.